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the 5 best thinking/puzzle games to download



Just signed up for Xbox Game Pass but not sure what to install first? Here are the 5 best puzzle games available in the catalog.

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, which lists a catalog of more than 450 games, is sometimes intimidating as it is complete. Many new subscribers go through a discovery phase where they don’t know which games are available or which to download first.

If this is your case, and you still don’t know what to install on your console first, here is a little guide to help you see more clearly. so here’s our top 5 must-try puzzle games. Depending on arrivals and departures, this file will be regularly updated in order to update our suggestions. Come back to see us as often as necessary!

Genesis Black

We start this selection with an atypical title, and which is well worth the detour. In Genesis Black, an investigation concerning a threesome and cosmic beings plunges you into a rewriting of the genesis with at its center the creation of our galaxy: the Big Bang. Its film noir appearance from the first half of the 20th century should appeal to discerning moviegoers.


Superliminal, it’s a puzzle game that plays on perspectives and optical illusions. You will often have to take a step back (literally and metaphorically) to solve initially simplistic and later complex puzzles. It’s a game that does not bother with a very advanced narrative, it is consumed as a pure product of brain training.

Tetris Effect Connected

Well known to players, Tetris Effect: Connected is a variation of the 80’s puzzle game, in which you can play 1v1 in matches that are as competitive as they are entertaining, but also enjoy the single player mode at your leisure. They take place in a particularly sensory universe that often allows you to stay focused and feel connected.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete

Superhot MCD is not a shooting game like the others. In this title, which plays with your perception and use of time, you have full control of your actions. The goal is to eliminate all the enemies, who themselves are trying to kill you. To do this, you have a weapon but also your fists, and above all the ability to advance time only when you decide to perform an action (move forward or shoot your weapon for example). You will therefore need to think about the best possible options.

Chinatown Detective Agency

We finish this selection with another investigation game. This time, the action takes place in the heart of Chinatown in the shoes of a former policewoman turned detective. You must therefore accept some business, solve puzzles and face certain dangers that bar your way, all in a cyber-black universe in Pixel Art which always has its small effect on fans of retrogaming.

And much more

With these 5 titles, you have plenty to occupy some of your evenings while you acclimatize to the Xbox Game Pass catalog. Nevertheless, it is still full of many other equally interesting and entertaining options. Here are some other suggestions, the list of which is not exhaustive. You can also turn to other styles of games, and in this case, we also have recommendations that will necessarily interest you.

  • Tell Me Why
  • Donut County
  • Myst
  • Unpacking

As a reminder, the Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service offered by Microsoft on Xbox and PC. It is available at a price of €9.99 per month for standard access which gives you access to a large library of games that is regularly renewed. For €12.99, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also gives you access to the cloud, Xbox Live Gold and the EA Play game library.

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