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Our collaborator answers questions from readers

Limited choice

Our budget for a non-plug-in hybrid vehicle is between $45,000 and $50,000, and the vehicle must be able to tow a load of up to 3000 lbs. What do you advise us?


Right now the choice is very slim. In fact, only one vehicle and two of its variants match your criteria: the Toyota Highlander Hybrid (starting at $46,750). It can tow up to 3500 lbs. Another model – Mazda’s CX-50 – will welcome a hybrid (non-rechargeable) version to its range during the fall. Unfortunately, for now, we have no confirmation on its towing capacity.

Preparing for retirement


Subaru Crosstrek

We have a 2007 Nissan Versa in very good condition and a well-maintained 2012 CR-V. As we will be retiring in 2023, we want to plan later (2023-2024) the purchase of a non-plug-in hybrid SUV, as we regularly travel long distances for fishing and other leisure activities. We don’t have fancy taste and are looking for value for money/reliability for two, budget, with good cargo space. What is your recommendation?

Louise L.

Subaru’s future Crosstrek hybrid, whose initial release is scheduled for a few months, will undoubtedly be worth watching because of its history (robustness and reliability). Only, here it is, it will probably be rechargeable (as it is currently). In that case, your best bet right now is the Toyota Corolla Cross (a conventional, wireless hybrid vehicle).

The right price


Beware of prices that vary along the way at dealerships.

Does the dealer have the right to change the price between the time of the order (we had nevertheless given a deposit on the transaction) and the time of delivery of the vehicle?

Sylvain M.

A deposit or prior agreement is not a contract. You are only bound when you have signed the financing contract. You can therefore refuse the modified price. You are also not obligated to complete the transaction. That said, the dealer is still required to respect this prior agreement and must therefore respect the price he has agreed with you.

Moreover, if you sign a document to reserve (with a refundable deposit of course) your place on a waiting list, you will probably be given an estimate of the price. This is not necessarily the one you will pay on delivery of the vehicle.



Hyundai Tucson Hybrid

Owners of a 2008 Lexus ES-350 (257,000 km), we are considering replacing this super comfortable vehicle which unfortunately, given its service record, requires significant expense. What is non-negotiable is our selection: a plug-in hybrid or non-electric vehicle. My wife, who is the main driver, would like to replace our current sedan with a small, easier to park SUV such as the 2023 Corolla Cross, fully equipped hybrid AWD. We rule out the Lexus because of the travel required from Shawinigan to Quebec. Accustomed to the comfort of the Lexus, we are preferably looking for a well-equipped, reliable vehicle offering a smooth ride, good road holding and very good soundproofing.

Claude G.

The Corolla Cross hybrid is a good choice, but you could also consider the Hyundai Tucson (this one is plug-in or not, depending on the version) which has the particular advantage of offering an even more generous warranty and a less nagging automatic transmission. . From there to saying that these two vehicles will provide you with as much comfort as your Lexus, there is a step that we will not take.

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