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Our collaborator answers questions from readers

Back to normal

When do you think the waiting time for an electric vehicle will be reasonable?

Joanne H.

At the risk of disappointing you, I don’t believe that we will return to a “normal” situation before the end of 2023. And this applies to the entire vehicle fleet.

Two years ahead


Ford Maverick Hybrid

My Ford Ranger is leased for four years. I travel about 12,000 km per year. I have a boat trailer set of almost 2000 lbs to pull during the summer. What’s your recommendation: buy it, hand it over, or swap it for a hybrid? Will a model be suggested for 2024?

Daniel F.

Exactly how many times do you use your van to tow? If it is only to put your boat in the water come spring and take it out again at the end of summer, we strongly suggest that you contact a company specializing in short-term rentals. If, on the contrary, your use is very frequent, you could consider the Maverick Hybrid, which has a towing capacity of 2,000 lb (907 kg). Currently, no other manufacturer offers a hybrid pickup truck in this category.

The dark side


Nissan Rogue

I am writing to ask your opinion of the 2022 Nissan Rogue S TA. I currently own a 2012 Mazda3 GS SkyActive, with almost 182,000 km on the clock, which I want to replace in the coming months with a more spacious vehicle that would allow me, among other things, to transport, inside the vehicle, two bicycles. oversized winter tires. I did the test at a Nissan dealership, and this is possible by removing the front wheels of the bikes and the saddle, allowing the bikes to be upright with no problem. I haven’t tried it with another vehicle, but it should also work with, for example, a Toyota RAV4 or a Honda CR-V.

I’m looking for a vehicle that’s functional, comfortable, fun to drive, but also has good reliability, since I plan to keep it for ten years. I couldn’t try a 2022 Rogue S TA due to lack of stock, but rather a 2021 SV TI. I liked the ride a lot. I also read a lot about the model and watched videos […].

I know that there are several models in the same category as the Rogue, be it the Toyota RAV4, the Honda CR-V, the Subaru Forester, but I notice that with comparable equipment, the Rogue is still much more interesting in terms of price. Given my criteria (comfort, functionality, driving pleasure, reliability) and the fact that I want to keep my new vehicle for ten years, is the Rogue a good choice, or should I look somewhere else ?

Vincent DH

The Rogue indeed represents an interesting proposition. The latest version corrects several shortcomings of the previous generation and, as a result, defends itself better against the competition. You should also know that a new generation of CR-V is in the process of being born and this one promises to be even more competitive (including the addition of a hybrid version). The current CR-V remains a good buy, however, and what’s more, together with the Toyota RAV4, offers a higher long-term residual value than all the other models mentioned. These two vehicles represent sure values. That said, if you’re interested in the Rogue, you might want to take a look at the Mitsubishi Outlander. These two vehicles have a lot in common. However, the Mitsubishi has the advantage of offering all-wheel drive as standard, a more generous warranty (that of the powertrain is 10 years) and soon a hybrid version.

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