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Our collaborator answers questions from readers

two for one

We are retired, have two vehicles and want to get to work with only one. We have a 2016 Mazda6 (106,000 km) and a 2018 Mazda CX-3 AWD (50,000 km). Should we sell them and go for an electric car? If not, which one to keep?

Linda G.

Taking into account the reduced availability of several products on the market and the rapid development of technology, why not say goodbye to the oldest of your vehicles? The excitement of the second-hand market will undoubtedly allow you to get a good price for it and you will keep the vehicle offering not only increased versatility (hatchback, all-wheel drive), but which is also the most economical and the most sought-after (utility urban) for many years to come.

An electric summer


Convertible PT Cruiser

When will there be an electric convertible? I have a 2007 PT Cruiser convertible in great condition which I love, but it won’t last forever.

Muriel C.

Gradually, car manufacturers are giving a clear indication that the convertible will also experience its electric revolution. Tesla, for example, promises some soon and, recently, manufacturers Polestar (concept 02) and Alfa Romeo (revival of the Spider) have hinted that they will do the same. Certainly, tomorrow is not the day before. It will therefore be necessary to ensure the proper functioning of your PT Cruiser for a few more years…

Long distance


Lexus ES300h

I would like to replace my 2015 BMW 320IX. I don’t do a lot of mileage, having 76,000 km on the clock. I am retired and would like to travel long distances by automobile. Safety, comfort and performance are important criteria. Finally, a hybrid automobile would tempt me. My budget is around $50,000. Which model do you recommend?

Claire B.

Don’t you think your current vehicle can fulfill all your wishes? Its mileage is low and this vehicle, provided it has been well maintained, is quite reliable, safe, efficient and relatively comfortable. However, if you really want to change, you could consider a Lexus ES 300h that meets several of your criteria, with the exception of performance (compared to your current BMW, we agree), or even another BMW Series 3 (now more comfortable) in its hybrid configuration.

A matter of money


Mercedes-Benz GLK250 2012

Finally retired, we are more often on the road, whether it is to go to the chalet on an island in the Outaouais (200 km from Montreal) or to our condo in Florida. Our 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLK250 consumes 5 or 6 L per 100 km, at the price of diesel too! It is for us the most economical option to do so much road with a lot of luggage, and sometimes pulling a boat. When buying, I took into account claims about the long life of the diesel engine, and after seven years, our vehicle has only 112,000 km on the clock. Should I plan to keep this vehicle that I love for several more years or replace it soon with an electric vehicle?

Robert R.

In the current state (shortage of models), why not keep it? This vehicle meets your expectations and an electric vehicle may not meet all of them today.

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