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Our collaborator answers questions from readers

It had to be written

When I first started leasing my car four years ago, I purchased “excess wear and tear waiver” insurance for $1,000. This covered, up to $10,000, tires, windshield, scratches, etc. She brought me a certain peace of mind. My lease coming to an end, I chose to buy my rental vehicle. To my surprise, the $1000 will not be refunded to me. Am I being fooled by my dealership?

Jacqueline B.

Logically, you should be entitled to reimbursement of your protection. But there is one condition. The refund request must be included in the rental agreement that you signed four years ago. If this provision is not included in the contract, your dealer is not required to reimburse you. According to the Office de la protection du consommateur (OPC), “the consumer who plans to buy the car at the end of the lease should not […] such insurance.



The Ford Maverick is a good choice of compact pickup truck.

For my DIY activities, I would like to acquire a van. My criteria are: fuel economy, driving pleasure and towing capacity. The Nissan Frontier is too big, but the Santa Cruz suits my needs better. Suggestions ?

Maxime L.

Good choice, the Santa Cruz, but you should add the Ford Maverick to your list because of the presence, as standard, of hybrid mechanics, its versatility (it’s a compact pickup) and its very low starting price. competitive.

Audi makes sweet eyes


The Volvo V60 Cross Country interests our reader.

Should I be unfaithful? I have been a satisfied Volvo customer for nearly 30 years. I keep my cars for a long time. I’m thinking of changing my 2012 Volvo XC 70, which has covered 230,000 km to date, for another model. I need space, but I’m not a big SUV fan. I am interested in a recent occasion (2019 or 2020). I hesitate between a Volvo V60 Cross Country and an Audi A4 Allroad. Do you have a suggestion for me?

Paul B.

Two good choices, but why would you be unfaithful? You say you are satisfied, you know the product very well and no doubt you have a relationship of trust with the brand owner and its representatives. Since you are looking for a recent occasion, at Volvo you have the opportunity to choose between a “regular” V60 (more financially advantageous) and a Cross Country. Audi does not offer such a choice.

warm winter


A few operations must be carried out before storing your vehicle for the cold season.

I bought a classic car last spring and the time has come for me to store it. Do you have any tips for preparing it well?

Mark D.

As a first step, we suggest that you have the lubrication and the oil (and filter) changed. It will then be necessary to check the level of antifreeze and its quality. It will be prudent to fill the gas tank to three quarters of its capacity. Adding a fuel stabilizer is also recommended. After completing these steps, we suggest unscrewing the spark plugs and brushing them with motor oil. While you’re at it, a few squirts of oil in each cylinder won’t hurt. Disconnect the two battery terminals starting with the negative terminal, and then take the battery out of the car and place it in a cool, dry place. The battery should be slowly recharged at least once during the storage period. Now climb the car on blocks placed under the axles or the suspension so that if the tires deflate, they will not be damaged by the weight of the automobile. Finally, to prevent the visit of small rodents, it would be a good idea to block the exhaust pipe and the air intake of the engine with a cloth.

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