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Our collaborator answers questions from readers

Rolling Stone…

I drive less than 10,000 km per year and currently own a 2009 Toyota Corolla with 155,000 km on the clock. A friend wants to get rid of her 2014 Toyota Corolla which has 34,000 km. She could sell it to me for around $15,000 or $16,000. I wonder if it’s advantageous to buy his Toyota given his low mileage. Mine is in good condition, but I wonder. Would I get a good deal? Would it be reliable enough?

Diana R.

You are right to wonder about the relevance of making this transaction. You know your current vehicle by heart. You supervised maintenance, repairs. He is also probably already paid. And your mileage is low. What do you know about your friend’s vehicle? A car that does not run often can cause its share of problems. Prudence dictates that you keep your vehicle and ensure that it is properly maintained.

And tomorrow ?


Infiniti Q50

Since 2009, I have owned two Infiniti G37 and Q70 with satisfaction. I would like to acquire a hybrid or electric model within two years. What about the development of these models at Infiniti?

Claude B.

Infiniti management promises a fully electric sedan by 2025. This will be assembled in the United States and will replace the current Q50. Two other “zero emission” vehicles will complete the Infiniti range thereafter, including a Coupé SUV derived from the technical base of the current Nissan Ariya.

We love the car


Audi A4

I am looking to change my 2018 BMW X3 SUV. I enjoyed the vehicle, but I prefer driving a car to driving a truck. As I need space for many trips, I would like to return to a European station wagon. My dream would be the Audi RS6, but it’s overpriced. The solution would be the 2024 A4 wagon, but at the dealership no one knows if the Avant will be on the trip when the model is redesigned. Also, will the RS4 be added? No one at Audi seems to know…

Sylvia H.

As you probably know, the A4 will be getting a complete overhaul soon (2024). At present, there is no reason to believe that the A4 Avant (wagon) will return to North America. On the other hand, its “all-terrain” All-Road version will regain its place in the catalog. An RS4 Avant seems unlikely, however.

Appearances can be deceiving


Mini Cooper Countryman S

I have the option of buying a 2015 Mini Countryman for $12,000. It is, apparently, in perfect condition. Unfortunately, it has 185,000 km, which scares me. The current owner assures me that he has done all the necessary maintenance and repairs. I would have it inspected before buying it, but what do you think with that high mileage? Can it be reliable? Should I expect any problems in the future?

George G.

The asking price appears very realistic, but an inspection appears more than necessary. Appearances can be deceiving. There is not really a need to worry about the mileage of the vehicle, but rather its maintenance. Without questioning the honesty of the owner, make sure you have proof. The cost of replacement parts is high and this vehicle, like many prestige vehicles, requires ongoing maintenance. Otherwise, problems will manifest themselves quickly.

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