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Following the hot file of the RAV4’s corroded cables, don’t you think Toyota should issue a recall? It seems to me that the criteria are met. Their reputation for reliability is very expensive and they put it at risk by refusing to answer your questions. I do not understand.

Bernard J.

The Canadian management of Toyota answers the questions and it considers the situation worrying. According to our sources, an investigation is currently being carried out to determine the source of the problem. For now, a dozen consumers are known to the manufacturer.



Honda will market its first electric vehicles in 2024.

How come Honda is falling behind its competitors in the EV space?

Donald R.

If Honda is late, so are others. The Japanese brand will market its first electric vehicles in 2024, the Prologue (Honda) and probably the ADX (Acura). These will share the Ultium architecture developed by General Motors. The brand, which wishes to offer a 100% electric range by 2040, will then produce its own platform (code name e: Architecture).

Up to the last drop


2019 Toyota RAV4 Trail

We have to buy a new vehicle, which will have to be an SUV, because we are campers. We ordered a RAV4 Trail. Our trailer weighs 2700 lbs and the Trail in tow 3500 lbs. […] We plan to eventually exchange our trailer for another lighter one, 2000 lbs or less, to tow lighter. My question is this: with the evolution of electric vehicles and the speed at which technology is changing, should I lease the RAV4 for five years or buy it? We keep our vehicles for 12-13 years. I’m afraid that gasoline will increase dramatically over time, this would have the effect of inducing people to turn to electric vehicles. In the short term, I would not want to be held hostage in this electrification movement. […] Buying a gasoline vehicle for a long period at this time, is it a good decision? I would like to have your opinion, please: to buy or to rent?

Renee G.

This transition period is causing serious concern among many consumers. Yes, the price of gasoline will go up again, but no, the value of gas-powered vehicles will not collapse at the stroke of midnight on December 31, 2034. The demand will undoubtedly be reduced, but the demand will still exist. That said, there are currently electric vehicles capable of towing your future trailer (less than 2000 lb). Vehicles like the Volkswagen ID.4 or the future Nissan Ariya. Note that Toyota’s bZ4X cannot tow the slightest load. But this information does not answer your main question: rent or buy? In this case, why not rent and make a reservation within two years for your electric vehicle?

More ecological ?


2016 Jeep Wrangler

I own a 2016 Jeep Wrangler and I wonder if it is more ecological to keep it until its end of useful life or to change it for an electric vehicle?

Anthony S.

Your question has several facets. How do you use your Wrangler? Do you consider, for example, its crossing capabilities as an essential criterion when you replace it? Taking into account in particular the useful life (on average 15 years), the reduced supply of new electric vehicles, technological progress, it may be better to consider keeping your vehicle for a few more years. Provided, of course, that you actually exploit its off-road capabilities. If not, why not give the planet some air? Get a used electric vehicle.

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