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Our collaborator answers questions from readers

Wise to wait

I have a 2018 Nissan Leaf SL, whose lease expires in March 2023. I had opted to lease since the long-life battery was not offered. However, health issues since December 2020 have meant that I have ridden very little and am not really able to undertake any early shopping among the electric offer, despite the current availability challenges. With 21,000 km on the odometer and a cash value of $12,075, would it be a good idea to buy it to give me some flexibility? If not, what are the best comparable choices in electric?

Anne B.

In the current context (low supply), considering your low mileage and the asking price, why not buy it? This will give you the opportunity to think more about your mobility needs and make a more informed decision about the choices available to you. Several new electric vehicles will hit the market in the coming months and years.

A clarification


You must follow the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer to know if it is able to tow a trailer.

When you write that a car is not designed for towing, does that also apply to installing an e-bike rack?

Yves B.

Not to be confused. There is no problem installing a bike rack or even a roof rack, for example. Towing capacity rather refers to the ability of the vehicle to tow a trailer, boat or trailer.

The difference


Toyota bZ4X

I read your bZ4X test rig and you report that it will have zero towing capability. According to Toyota’s European leaflet, there is talk of a capacity of 750 kg. There shouldn’t be a different feature, because the construction is from Japan. Where does this difference come from ?

Claude B.

Several factors (permitted speed, securement system, legislation, manufacturer’s recommendations, etc.) explain the disparities between Europe and North America, even if the vehicle originates in the same assembly plant. This is why it is necessary to be sure of the source of the information. This question has been raised several times and again very recently in our Kia EV6 test bed for which North American publications had incorrectly published European data.

A decision to make


Subaru Outback

We are looking for a new vehicle, but we hesitate to choose an SUV for the ecological aspect and the poor visibility behind the wheel. On the other hand, the choice for station wagons is practically non-existent. We think of a Mazda CX-30 or a CX-5, or perhaps the Outback from Subaru, even if it is a bit expensive for our budget. We keep our vehicles for a long time and we would like to reconcile reliability and driving pleasure. Ideally, I would like to find a hybrid. What do you advise us?

Anne J.

Poor visibility while driving? On the contrary, the raised driving position of an SUV contributes to better visibility. That said, the Outback represents a very interesting choice. But if your wallet grimaces, why not consider Toyota’s future Corolla Cross hybrid (due out in the fall)?

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