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Our collaborator answers questions from readers

Crystal ball

I ordered a Kia Niro PHEX EX in February 2022. The promised delivery in May was postponed to September. Should I look for another hybrid model in the same category? What is the actual delivery forecast for this and other builders to date? Is the Niro a good car?

Dennis O.

Yes, it is a good purchase, but unfortunately, it is impossible to know if the delivery times will be respected. This applies to Kia as well as to other manufacturers. You could opt for another model, but again, you will probably have no guarantee on the delivery date.

Sell ​​to buy better


Mercedes B250

My lease of a Mercedes B 250 ends next year (four years). I do about 10,000 km a year. Should I buy it to keep or sell it myself, or hand it over to the dealership? If I say goodbye to it, could you suggest a four-wheel-drive model a little less expensive than this vehicle?

Hyacinth D.

In the current context (rising prices for used vehicles), why not sell it yourself? As for a replacement vehicle in a similar format, we suggest you take a look at the Mazda CX-30, the Toyota Corolla Cross or even the future Honda HR-V.

Oh, the taxes!


When reselling a leased vehicle, taxes apply to the residual value entered in the initial contract.

My lease agreement states that if I purchase my vehicle at the end of my lease, I pay $x plus “applicable taxes”. However, since my vehicle will be worth on the market much more than the redemption value, can the SAAQ (and probably the federal government) claim additional taxes?

Gilles R.

Hoping to understand your question correctly, you will pay the taxes on the residual value indicated in your initial contract and not on its presumed market value.

Express your interest


Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid

We are currently driving a 2019 Crosstrek with lease expiration in July 2023. Wanting to prepare ahead of time, we attempted to reserve a 2023 Crosstrek Hybrid. The dealer informs us that Subaru has stopped taking orders on the Crosstrek Hybrid. A replacement model is said to be in the works. What do you recommend to us?

Roger P.

Subaru will probably reveal the third generation of the Crosstrek by the end of the year, the marketing of which should begin in the first quarter of 2023. For the time being, the Japanese brand is not saying anything, but persistent rumors point to a new engine (1.8 L). The fate of the hybrid version remains unknown at this stage. Our recommendation: express your interest to your dealer and wait.

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