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Our collaborator answers questions from readers

two for one

I need your advice to help us make a decision. We have two vehicles. A 2006 Toyota Corolla (315,000 km) and a 2006 GMC Canyon 3.5L Truck (180,000 km). In addition, we have two trailers that we use occasionally. Both trailers (one 6′ x 12′ and the other 6′ x 10′) have two axles and electric braking. We want to replace our two vehicles with one, either an SUV or a pickup truck capable of towing our two trailers as well as being used as an everyday vehicle… for a ride and fun to drive.

Serge R.

Considering your needs, your criteria and the towing capacity of your Canyon, you could consider the Hyundai Santa Cruz or the Ford Maverick. The first offers a higher towing capacity than the second and a higher driving pleasure.



Honda Clarity

My Honda Clarity lease expires next June. I was very pleased and am wondering if I should buy it for $15,000. Since Honda will no longer produce this model, is it a risk to buy it and is there still protection for parts? Thank you and I look forward to your feedback for the Ioniq 5.

Francine C.

If you are satisfied with this product, why not keep it? The production of the Clarity has indeed stopped, but let’s say for the next 10 years, there is no need to worry about the availability of the various components of this vehicle. The only short-term issue (within 5 years) may be the availability of certain interior trim. The carpet for example. As for the Ioniq 5, we already published a test drive of this vehicle last December. The Kia EV6, its almost twin, will be tested next week.

Fantasy of a sexagenarian


Mini Cooper

I am retired and own a 2010 Suzuki SX4 with 133,000 km on the odometer which I still love. But what has long attracted me and made me dream is a convertible like the New Beetle or the Mini every time I see one on the road. At 67, it might be time for me to realize my fantasy! What do you recommend for me to buy?

Johanna B.

In the case of the New Beetle, you will have little choice but to buy a used vehicle. Volkswagen has indeed discontinued production of this model in 2019. That said, this vehicle represents a good buy and there are no worries about finding replacement parts. The Mini Cabriolet is still produced. This one is dapper to drive than the Beetle, but its suspensions are rather dry. If you opt for the Mini, we suggest renting it and matching the duration of your contract to that of the warranty (4 years/80,000 km) since this model is rather expensive to repair and maintain.

A second vehicle


Toyota Corolla Hatchback

Since my wife retired, we have tried to live with only one car, a 2018 Golf Sportwagen 4MOTION, with manual transmission. The car gives complete satisfaction with the versatility of an SUV and the driving and consumption of a European car. However with our busy lives we find that a second new car would be very useful, used cars being too expensive for what they offer at the moment. Our budget is under $30,000 and we will pay cash. A manual transmission remains a must for us; especially with the market trend it may be our last. We plan to keep the car for 10 years and by balancing use, keep our Golf for at least 6 more years.

Our choice stops on a Subaru Impreza Sport or a Toyota Corolla hatchback. Living in the Eastern Townships, we appreciate all-wheel drive, but we could perhaps do without it for a second car. The Subaru does not offer the Eyesight system on the manual versions, while the manual Corolla offers the full range of driving aids, but no all-wheel drive. Longevity, corrosion resistance and reliability are important. Which of the two cars would you recommend in our case? Please do not recommend electric cars, Korean or American ones.

Michael G.

Properly shod, the Corolla hatchback (hatchback) meets your criteria. One of its main advantages over the Subaru is its manual transmission. This one is much nicer than the one offered by Subaru.

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