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The best independent game of the year 2020 has the right to its sequel!



The underworld and Greek mythology will soon have no more secrets for you with this new episode of the cult rogue-like.

Definitely, hell has been all the rage in video games lately. In parallel with the release date of Diablo IV and its first official tests, the Supergiant studio is trying to steal the show from Blizzard. In 2020, the final version of a rogue-like titled Hades after two years of discreet early-access. That name is probably ringing in your head now that two years later the title is enjoying outsized popularity (and rightly so).

The game that won the title of Best Indie Game at The Game Awards 2020 (and nominated in the best game category alongside The Last of Us: Part II) therefore took advantage of the 2022 edition of the event to put on a show. Hades II revealed itself to the whole world in a frenzied trailer between charming animations and striking gameplay images.

In the Hades family I ask…

… Melinoë, the sister of Zagreus. For this unique adventure, the sis of the original protagonist replaces him to bring her dose of magic. The trailer reveals the young woman in full training with the goddess Hecate, a pre-Olympian deity from the Titans. A far from trivial choice since this direct sequel to the first game will propel players into a fight against Cronos, the Titan of time, father of Zeus, Hades and Poseidon.

Percy Jackson readers know that this deity is far from likable and the gameplay of Hades II therefore promises to be as frenetic as its predecessor. There will be no respite for the princess of the underworld who will have to face hordes of monsters in isometric 3D dungeons, the hallmark of the franchise.

No release date has been revealed, but the title will follow the same release pattern as the original. Hades II will enter early access on PC only, before being released on other platforms in its final version. Supergiant promises to reveal the first information about early access during 2023.

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