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The best jobs of 2023



In these times of inflation, job satisfaction remains a priority, but pay tops the scale. What are the most in-demand and best-paying jobs in 2023? Randstad Canada compiled the list.

In addition to the position of president of Hydro-Québec and those of doctors who are currently to be filled, a large number of jobs are available in the sectors of technology, health care and customer service.

“It is certain that there are positions in demand which are not surprising, such as nurses. But there are many other high-volume positions on the market that are accessible,” said Marie-Pier Bédard, executive vice-president at Randstad Canada, in an interview.

“There is only one position of president at Hydro-Quebec, we are not in a large volume of positions,” she adds jokingly.

There is no shortage of 20,000 CEOs currently in Canada. Our list reflects volume and accessibility.

Marie-Pier Bédard, Executive Vice President at Randstad Canada

To determine the best jobs of 2023, the recruitment firm analyzed data from its clients, across all industries, over the past 12 months, and identified trends.

E-commerce has a significant influence on the jobs in demand, explains Marie-Pier Bédard. Companies are looking for digital marketing coordinators, customer service representatives and business analysts to help them implement rich strategies. “Consumer habits and the pressure on supply chains really have a direct impact on the job market,” she points out. Jobs in warehouses, drivers, clerks, production supervisors are a much more recent trend. »

Earn more by becoming a manager

To have a salary above $100,000, you must be a manager or team leader, indicates the list. Human resource managers are a good example. With the labor shortage and the challenges related to the pandemic, they are increasingly put forward.

If management is not an option, highly skilled workers can hope to break through the $100,000 mark by landing a position as a mechanical engineer or developer at a company that can afford to pay its employees well.

For those who are too lazy to study

Another trend is emerging: positions that require little training and that pay twice the minimum wage. “Someone who would like to reorient themselves, change careers and improve their lot does not necessarily need to go back to school for several years, maintains Marie-Pier Bédard. Someone who wants to do manual labor in a warehouse can earn almost $30 an hour after a few years. »

Despite the recession looming over us, the job market remains favorable to job seekers.

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