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The Blazers on their way



While the Hornets conceded in Miami a seventh consecutive defeat, the Blazers do not let go of the Jazz at the top of the Western Conference thanks to their success on the floor of the Pelicans.

The Blazers do not intend to let the Jazz go. In the aftermath of the Salt Lake City-based franchise’s fourth straight win, the Oregon franchise responded with success far from its bases. During a trip to the floor of the New Orleans Hornets, the teammates of Jerami Grant (27 points, 8 rebounds) signed a third consecutive success. A meeting, in which Damian Lillard did not take part, which settled in the third quarter, when the Pelicans saw their advantage of six lengths melt to moult behind four units twelve minutes from the end of the meeting. A last quarter which quickly saw Portland reach the ten point lead. If Zion Williamson (29 points, 6 rebounds) and his teammates tried to react, they could only get closer to six lengths before the end of the game in favor of the Blazers. The Portland franchise won by eleven units (95-106) and was only one victory behind the Jazz, but also one game less.

Nothing is going well in Charlotte

For the Hornets, this start to the season is turning more and more into a nightmare. Weaned from victory since October 30 and their feat against the Warriors, Kelly Oubre Jr’s teammates (29 points, 7 rebounds) conceded a seventh straight loss during a trip to the Heat floor. If the Miami players, notably pushed by Jimmy Butler (25 points, 10 rebounds, 8 assists), raced in the lead during the first three quarters, the fourth saw the Hornets revolt. Led by twelve points twelve minutes from the end of the meeting, they very quickly made the connection but had to snatch the extension by Dennis Smith Jr (12 points, 8 assists) 27 seconds from the buzzer. Five more minutes which however saw the Heat raise the temperature on their floor to make the decision once and for all. The Florida franchise wins in the end by five units (117-112 ap) and regains color after two setbacks in a row. For the Hornets, the black series continues and a reaction is expected quickly.

Washington in equilibrium, Philadelphia relapses

That NBA night also saw the Washington Wizards string together two straight wins for the first time since their first two games of the season. Kyle Kuzma’s teammates (36 points, 11 rebounds, 6 assists) saw the Dallas Mavericks take advantage of a successful first quarter to race in the lead for most of the first half. However, Spencer Dinwiddie (33 points, 6 assists) and Luka Doncic (22 points, 9 rebounds, 6 assists) saw their formation lose ground in the third quarter before seeing victory slip away. The Wizards are required by eight points (113-105) and back in the standings in the East with a balanced record of six wins for six losses when the Mavericks concede a second loss in a row. The Atlanta Hawks, for their part, returned to victory when they received the Philadelphia 76ers to settle in fourth place in the Eastern Conference. Trae Young’s teammates (26 points, 7 rebounds) took control of the entry before adding to the bill after returning from the locker room. Despite a reaction from Joel Embiid (26 points, 13 rebounds) in the last twelve minutes, it is with a margin of nine units that the Hawks win (104-95).

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