The Bucks have recovered. After seeing the Celtics pick up after Game 2, the Milwaukee franchise took advantage of the first game played on its floor to respond. If Al Horford’s teammates (22 points, 16 rebounds) got off to the best start, it was the Bucks who took the lead on the scoreboard at the end of the first quarter but never counted more than six point lead. Always in contact, the New England players kept hope and they took it well. A 7-0 just before returning to the locker room allowed them to take the lead with a four-point lead. But the third quarter was not of the same ilk as the Bucks upped their game. Giannis Antetokounmpo (42 points, 12 rebounds, 8 assists) made the Celtics defense dizzy and the gap took on greater proportions, reaching fourteen points as the final quarter approached. Far from being knocked out, the Boston players rolled up their sleeves and gradually made up for it. Two free throws from Jaylen Brown (27 points, 12 rebounds) even allowed the Celtics to pass with just under two minutes to play. A “money time” which ended up turning in favor of the Bucks thanks to Jrue Holiday (25 points, 7 rebounds) for a victory of two small points (103-101) which makes them happy.

Saturday May 7, 2022 (hours in French time)
Milwaukee Bucks –Boston Celtics: 103-101 >>> Milwaukee leads 2-1 in the series
2h30: Golden State Warriors-Memphis Grizzlies >>> A victory everywhere in the series