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The Callisto Protocol fails and it’s a shame



Krafton takes the hit as The Callisto Protocol struggles to achieve its goals despite its potential.

At a time when video game studios are putting words to their end of the quarter, the news is not always encouraging. After Ubisoft, it’s Krafton’s turn to take the hit as the firm records a significant drop in its shares on the stock market. The cause ? His latest nugget does not seem to have convinced the number of players needed and the finances are not looking good.

It is The Callisto Protocola horror and survival game set in a space prison, designed by Glen Schofield, the creator of dead space (just that). With its dark universe, its zombie creatures and its legacy, the title had nevertheless managed to fascinate players during its first trailers. However, the studio tells us today that its sales figures are not that impressive.

The goal was to reach 5 million units solda goal that now seems unattainable. Only 2 million copies have so far been ordered, a month and a half after the release of the game. Investors are therefore more cautious, and have decided to “lower the price of their shares“. Striking Distance Studios looks gray and that’s a shame.

The sequel to The Callisto Protocol in peril

Within the Journal du Geek, The Callisto Protocol managed to capture us in its nets, while its gameplay and plot promised to give a facelift to the genre initiated by dead space. Its balanced combat system, its propensity for spectacle via scary cinematics and its extremely well-made visual universe had been enough to fill our hearts with love and fear.

However, the reception of the game abroad has not been as dithyrambic, far too often compared to its inspiration, yet so different. It is therefore heartbreaking to know that the rest of the game is more than compromised. Who says bad results for the launch of a franchise, necessarily says stopping costs before it turns into an uncontrollable hemorrhage.

For the moment, nothing has been shared on this subject but investors could well turn their backs on this new creation even before it has been able to prove itself properly. For a production of nearly 150 million euros, it seems obvious that expectations were high. And we can’t even put this relative “failure” on the account of a lack of interest in stories based on infections and pandemics in view of the incredible success of the series. The Last of Us currently.

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