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the campaign is finally unveiled in an explosive trailer



Activision follows the trend of an announcement-filled month of June and reveals the first images of the single-player campaign for the new Call of Duty.

call of duty : it’s the same tune! No no, we can’t resist! Each year, Activision offers us a new episode of its successful FPS license, and the redundancy has so far left room for boredom. But never mind, for 2022, the studio is hitting hard with an episode that is sure to delight fans.

After restarting the Modern Warfare with the reboot of the first episode released in 2019, Activision and Infinity Ward offer players the opportunity to revisit one of the favorite titles of license players. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 returns to consoles and PC for October 28 and promises an experience tailored to fans of the FPS series. Explosions, infiltration and cast of characters with small onions, the MW2 recipe promises to make people forget the recent failures of the saga with Call of Duty: Vanguard.

A true homecoming

In the wake of ambitious FPS failures among competitors like Battlefield 2042, Activision says goodbye to futuristic stories and more traditional conflicts return in this next-gen installment. In the short trailer, we find the universe of Modern Warfare 2 completely sublimated by the new graphics engine developed by Infinity Ward. Soap, Ghost and John Price have never looked so real.

In addition to gameplay returning to its origins, the arrival of the reboot of Modern Warfare 2 also sign the great return of the license on Steam. For a few years, the new episodes had found residence on Blizzard’s launcher, much to the chagrin of players accustomed to the Valve platform. To satisfy everyone, the version of the game will be released simultaneously on both platforms.

The trailer does not yet reveal the multiplayer mode of the game, but do not worry, the online will indeed be there. In addition to the classic modes, this new title will be accompanied by the latest version of the battle-royale Warzone. Developed alongside the new Modern Warfare, this update will be Activision’s biggest online gaming update since its release in 2020.

Activision Blizzard invites you to (re)discover this franchise classic from next october 28 on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5 as well as Xbox Series X and S.

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