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the console gets lighter as the bill gets heavier



Sony is selling a lighter version of its PS5, even though the firm has just increased the price internationally.

Since its release, the PS5 has been at the heart of several controversies. The most obvious is its absence from the shelves of physical stores or online, but it also had its little hour of non-glory when players discovered its design or even felt its weight for the first time. The PS5 is undeniably one of the heaviest home consoles we have ever known… but this defect is about to be fixed, for the second time.

Sony is now releasing bundles of lighter consoles, and not just a little. These new models have been spotted in Australia, although they have not been officially announced. We suspect that this is a first wave, as when Sony tested its models with a plastic fixing screw rather than metal. But then, what does it change in terms of weight?

Dream weight loss

The new consoles, with a serial number CFI-1202, are several hundred grams lighter on the scale. Thus, the classic model with disk drive (serial number CFI-1202A) goes from 4.2 kg to 3.9 kg, or 300 grams less than at the start. The digital model without disk drive (CFI-1202B) goes from 3.9 kg to 3.4 kg, a reduction of 500 grams, which is even more obvious.

For the moment, we do not yet know what changes have been made to achieve this result, and we will have to wait for information from Sony to find out more. However, this does not go unnoticed by players, many of whom are already protesting against this situation. That the console is lighter is one thing, but that it still costs them more is another.

Because yes, this comes only a few days after Sony announced that it wanted to increase the price of the PS5 in several regions of the world, including France. With 50 euros more on the invoice, players are wondering what can cost them more, if fewer components are inside the machine. Sony puts this down to inflation and the shortage of components, but we must admit that the timing is very bad.

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