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the console version made official by a job offer!



The competitive shooter from Riot Games will soon be available in two new versions for all types of players.

In the video game industry, job postings can reveal many secrets. Some studios do not hesitate to reveal titles that are still kept secret in the description of a position. If these lines are generally reserved for professionals, they never go unnoticed and end up being shared. This time, it is the case of Riot Games which announces new iterations of its competitive FPS. VALORANT is available on PC since June 2, 2020 and quickly rose to the rank of competitor to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

This game which is aimed at a niche of players looking for a high level of competition and has never been exported to another platform, where at least until now. While there was talk of a mobile port of the online game like the simplified version for smartphones of League of Legends, console players will also be able to rejoice. Indeed, Riot is currently looking for a game design manager to carry out this carrying of VALORANT for trade show platforms.

A redesign rather than a simple adaptation

The job description well and truly states “Adapt highly competitive PC gameplay so it works well for a gamepad-playing audience”. Succeeding in porting a game where precision reigns supreme thanks to the mouse is not going to be an easy task. Right sticks have never been able to match the peripheral of choice for PC gamers, and so VALORANT Console could change drastically. The same way as League of Legends: Wild Riftit’s probably a totally different version more than just a port.

That the mobile players are reassured, their porting of VALORANT was also confirmed through a second job offer. Decidedly, the success of the game of Riot Games does not weaken. With this expansion to other platforms, the competitive FPS will continue to expand its grip on the shooter market to the delight of gamers looking for strategy and pure action.

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