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The creators of No Man’s Sky are working on an “even more ambitious” project



At Hello Games, we don’t learn from our mistakes: its co-founder Sean Murray is relaunching a train of hype for a new project.

Everyone still remembers the cold shower caused by No Man’s Sky when it was released in August 2016. The game which then promised to be revolutionary and of a new genre was ultimately only disappointing and barely finished. The anger of the players was such that Steam then offered a refund for the game, regardless of the time spent on it.

Fortunately, HelloGames has since caught up well and succeeded over the years in making No Man’s Sky the game it was supposed to be when it was released, or even better. While its latest update “Outlawsjust released, studio co-founder Sean Murray is already talking about their next project

An “impossible” project

As if the past mistake of overselling their game in development never happened, the British studio teases a colossal new project. Sean Murray explains that this project has been in the works for some time “in the wings” of the studio by a very small team which “prefer to work this way.”

He doesn’t mince his words either, adding that “similarly to No Man’s Sky, it’s the kind of project that, even with a team of 1,000 developers working on it, would still seem impossible.”

Despite the amount of work that this new project seems to require, Hello Games would like to reassure players of No Man’s Sky : The game is far from over and updates and expansions will continue to be made.

The developments of the two projects will have no impact on each otherand the studio intends to continue to surprise players with their games.

As a reminder, No Man’s Sky is already available on Playstation, Xbox and PC, and Nintendo Switch players will be able to explore the cosmos this summer.

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