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The creators of Pokémon Go imagine the Tamagotchi of the future



Niantic announces its latest augmented reality game, and this time it’s an original license that sees the light of day.

Some may still remember Eyepeta PlayStation 3 game that allowed you to take care of small virtual animals in augmented reality in your living room, or to Invizimals which offered on PSP a clever mix between Pokemon, Digimon and wearable augmented reality.

Niantic revives the concept of “Tamagotchi” in AR with its new game titled Peridot.

Having made a name for itself in the mobile gaming industry by offering exploration games based on existing licenses how Pokemon Go, Harry Potter Wizards Unite or more recently Pikmin BloomNiantic will offer its first original license since Ingress.

One day I will be the best breeder

Breeding and cuteness will be at the rendezvous in Peridot. Your main objective? Take care of adorable creatures to become a true protector of nature and those strange critters that just suddenly reappeared. Indeed Niantic says that after “Thousands of years in a deep sleep, the Peridots wake up in a world very different from the one they used to explore, and you’ll have to save them from extinction.”.

Feeding his creatures, training them, making them grow and reproduce will then be at the center of the gameplay of this augmented reality reinterpretation of the Tamagotchi concept.

Additional peculiarity of the game, each of the critters that players can breed will be unique. By combining a multitude of elements using procedural generation, the Peridots will all have a unique appearance, as well as character traits of their own.

The creatures will even have their own DNA based on how they actually work in naturemaking the breeding and breeding aspect of the game even more realistic.

By playing together with your friends, you will then be able to raise more original Peridots than the others. With different archetypes like cheetahs, unicorns or even yetis, the combinations promise to be original.

A positive and innovative experience

Also, the game is intended positive and non-punitive. Thus, even if the premise of the game evokes the extinction of creatures, these will not be able to die, and the players will rather be rewarded for returning regularly rather than punishing them by making their virtual pets disappear.

Moreover, Peridot will be an opportunity for Niantic to put their new platform to work “Lightship” which makes it possible to build more lively and advanced augmented reality worldsin order to develop metaverses in AR.

The creatures will then be able to recognize different types of environmentsin particular the types of surfaces and will interact differently with an earth or concrete floor for example.

The future of augmented reality therefore seems to be taking shape thanks to this project, which appears to be rather simple and childish.

No release date has been announced for the moment, but as usual from Niantic, the game will be available in certain countries this month for testing phases, and should soon be available worldwide. .

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