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The creators of Subnautica have another sci-fi game for us



The developers of the Subnautica franchise reveal the existence of a new game, which will be presented at Gamescom.

Video game fans are not unaware that at the end of August will be held Gamescom, an unmissable event for those who are fond of announcements of all kinds. For the moment, few publishers and developers have confirmed their presence at the event, or revealed the schedule of announcements. The latest is the Unknown Worlds studio, best known for its franchise Subnautica.

Acquired by the studio behind PUBG last year, Unknown Worlds will have a new game to chew on at the Gamescom opening ceremony and it won’t be the sequel. Subnautica: Below Zero. It will be a first installment of a brand new franchise, of which we know practically nothing today. All that is known is that it will be a sci-fi game with turn-based gameplay.

From gameplay to program

In view of this information, we can therefore expect a title mixing combat and narration, in a style very different from Subnautica. Adventure and survival games set in an alien universe, the franchise has established itself as one of the best independent creations of recent years, especially on Steam in 2019. To find out more about the new license, you will have to connect on August 23 at 8 p.m. on the Gamescom broadcast, which has gameplay images in store for us.

It’s still and always the great Geoff Keighley who will be in charge of the evening, for more than 2 hours of broadcasts and around thirty games presented. Suffice to say that the public is not likely to be bored… at least, we hope so. As a reminder, Gamescom is taking place in a hybrid format this year, face-to-face in Cologne, as well as online and free of charge. The event will be held from August 24 to 28 inclusive and we are not immune to having big announcements during these few days.

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