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The crypto gaming projects to follow from Animoca, the discreet giant of the metaverse



Time to play! – The giants of Web 2.0, like Meta, announced their interest in the opportunities offered by NFTs and the metaverse. However, for the time being these announcements have not been acted upon. Conversely, the Hong Kong company Animoca Brands is discreetly developing its portfolio in the crypto gaming ecosystem and the metaverse.

Animoca Brands: from game developer to venture capitalist

Originally, Animoca Brands was a company founded in 2014 by Yat Siu, originally specialized in mobile game development. From 2018, Yat Siu decided that his company should initiate a partial pivot of its activity in specializing in blockchain games. At the maturation scale of this area, Animoca Brands should be considered as visionary and pioneer.

Animoca Brand

Since 2018 Animoca Brands has raised millions of dollars at the end of various rounds of financing. Besides, she has completed its last fundraiser last October in the amount of $ 65 million, and wearing his valuation over $ 2 billion.

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Operational and future projects

The fast growing Animoca is explained both by the blockchain games success wherein she invested, and by its own promising projects. Indeed, Animoca demonstrates versatility in using their initial skills who are those of video game developer for increase its position in crypto gaming.

Blockchain games in which Animoca has invested

Inevitably, when it comes to projects funded by Animoca who have since enjoyed strong adherence, it is worth mentioning The SandBox. This platform offers a real playground built on the Ethereum blockchain, opening the era of open and decentralized metaverse.

In addition, the company has invested in Sky Mavis which is the origin of the popular NFT game play to earn Axis Infinity.

Ecosystem of investments made by Animoca Brands in the field of NFTs, blockchain games and metaverse.  The projects or companies are classified by fields.
Summary of Animoca’s main investments – Source: Animoca Brands

Finally, the company has invested in crypto gaming related projects and at NFT and especially in blockchain infrastructure. In this capacity, she supported the company Strong or Polygon and Flow.

Projects developed by Animoca Brands

First of all, REVV Motorsport is a series of motorized vehicle racing game (automobile, motorcycle) based on blockchain. In addition, Animoca has developed a token utility, the REVV which allows players tobuy, design, or trade in vehicles. REVV tokens are cross-game that is, they can be transferred to another blockchain game from the Serie. Also, they can allow participate in a tournament organized on the platform.

REVV from Aminoca

These play to earn games have everything to become essential crypto gaming. Besides, the exchange AscendEX just from support the project by agreeing to list the REVV.

On the other hand, another very promising blockchain game project developed by Animoca Brands, called Crazy Defense Heroes must be closely watched. This type game RPG defense has been adapted by the developer so that it turn into a play to earn game. Thus, Animoca integrated a token, the TOWER which players can earn by enjoying the game for free.

Finally, another series of blockchain games by Animoca is Arc8. This game can be compared to the Prizee platform, well known to millennials – deleted since 2019 – Who offered players to win a virtual currency which could then be exchanged for gifts. Indeed, in Arc8 users can entertain on different arcade games and win the token of the game, the GMEE.

Animoca lives its success story thanks to play to earn

According to the financial revelations Animoca Brands, the company finances have known a considerable growth from January to September 2021. First, the income from investments according to the company amount to a total of about $ 530 million.

Then the cryptocurrency reserves owned by the company are assessed around $ 15.9 billion. According to a letter of the founder, Yat Siu, these reservations can be considered as a full share of the treasury of the society :

“The pool of digital assets belonging to the Animoca Brands ecosystem of products and platforms (REVV, SAND, TOWER and GMEE and could be considered our cash) has grown to a value of approximately $ 2.9 billion US at the end of September 2021 to about $ 15.9 billion at the end of November 2021, a more than five-fold increase in just two months. “

Yat Siu, Founder of Animoca – Source: Medium

Given the explosion of SAND price course, it is easy to understand that the amount of these reserves flew. In addition, last October on the occasion of the “Hong Kong Business International Awards” the company received the first prize in the media and entertainment category.

Finally, Animoca Brands will certainly have to compile with strong competitors. As an example, we must mention Galaxy Interactive which has just raised $ 325 million in order to stay in the metaverse race, and more broadly in that of digital entertainment.

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