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the Diablo Immortal competitor is finally available!



A new champion enters the action RPG and hack’n slash ring to try to steal the show from the Blizzard giant.

Some of you may already be familiar with the series of torch light. With a first title released in 2009 then two sequels launched respectively in 2012 and 2020, the franchise quickly established itself as a very good alternative to games Diablo by Blizzard. In a fantastic world with cartoonish graphic paste which is reminiscent of that of World of Warcraft, torch light merges the best of two worlds to offer a gaming experience worthy of the best dungeon crawlers and other hack’n slashes of all kinds.

Since the closure of the Runic studio in 2017, Perfect World has been in charge of the license. For the fourth episode, the publisher gave the reins of development to the studio XD Inc. which delivers to us today a free-to-play version with great ambitions. While Blizzard brought its Diablo license to smartphones last June, not without a lot of criticism and disappointment from players, Perfect World decided to do the same with its own franchise. Torchlight: Infinite is the latest action RPG to hit the mobile game market.

Avoid competitor mistakes

After the anger of the players against the economic system of Diablo Immortalthe teams of torch light promise a title spared from any system “pay-to-win” which would spoil the experience. The dungeon crawler being based on a system of loot and improvement of his character, the implementation of micro transactions impacting the progress of the players is far from commendable. Thus, in-game purchases for Torchlight: Infinite should stick to purely cosmetic items (as promised by the teams of Diablo IV). Unfortunately, players from last September’s beta revealed that certain features simplifying the experience such as an auto-loot system are blocked unless you get your hands on the wallet.

After a third episode with a rather mixed reception from the community, the license will have to prove itself to forge a place of choice as at the time of Torchlight II. The game’s open beta is available today on iOS and Android and Steam for PC gamers to enjoy. This beta does not yet have an end date, therefore serving as early access until the final release of the title. Player data is transferred at the official launch, so adventurers can start their journey worry-free.

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