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the difficulty levels are indeed coming and it’s coming soon



Sloclap announces the release date of difficulty levels for SIFU. Only a few more days to wait!

It is a reversal of the situation that we no longer expected. SIFU, a fighting game released in February that pays homage to kung fu movies, had left a particularly bitter taste for novice gamers. If the game has an admirable artistic direction, its difficulty has left more than one on the floor. This also inspired us to create a double-sided file, one defending demanding games, and the other taking sides to let players choose the difficulty of their games.

It seems that finally, Sloclap decided to give reason to this last category. Indeed, only a few days after the release of SIFU, the studio had said it was ready to design difficulty levels, which will be here soon. On Twitter, the studio details its roadmap for the coming year, and we see that the difficulty options are planned for this spring.

On May 3, players will be able to download the first free update which will bring the following three difficulty levels: pupil, disciple and master. We do not know for the moment what each level engages, nor what they change as parameters. But that will not be all. You will also be able to take advantage of advanced options for training and choose the appearance of your outfit. The studio also specifies that this is the date when you will be able to get a physical version of the game.

More updates are coming

Later in the year, SIFU will be enriched with a more advanced point system since it will take into account certain more precise parameters. There will also be more gameplay modifiers, which should appeal to challenge fans. We see for example that you can do without your magic pendant, to evolve with a single point of life or even to deal with more powerful enemies. This update will be available by this summer.

If in the fall Sloclap intends to deploy new anecdotal changes, in winter, players will be able to discover the Arenas game mode. As updates progress, new outfits will be added to the game allowing you to further customize your character. So it’s now or never to fall for the game, or to take back your controller if you haven’t had the courage to finish it.

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