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The French language wants to do away with the words streamers, cloud gaming and free-to-play



The Commission for the Enrichment of the French Language has proposed a series of words in good French to replace the Anglicisms linked to the world of video games.

Alongside the words adopted by the new Larousse 2023, the latest report from the French Language Enrichment Commission wants to do away with anglicisms. Coordinated by the General Delegation for the French language and the languages ​​of France, the text aims to propose new clear and exhaustive French terms, in order to replace the most commonly used English words.

In the last issue published in the Official Journal of May 29, we thus discover that it will no longer be necessary to say “A streamer plays free-to-play in cloud gaming“, but “A live gamer plays a free access video game on a cloud video game service“. The turn may be heavy and repetitive, it strictly respects the list enacted by the Official Journal. Among the many Anglicisms used in everyday language, this new batch focuses more particularly on terms relating to video games and audiovisual.

So the word “game as a service” should be replaced by “video game on demand“, while the “rigging”, which consists in synthesizing 3D images to animate an animation skeleton will henceforth be called “skeletonization”. For its part, theskin betting” should be replaced by “virtual item exchange” in good French, while eSport will now be called “competitive video game“.

  • cloud gaming > cloud gaming
  • DLC (downloadable content) > downloadable extension
  • eSport > competitive video game
  • free-to-play > video game with free access
  • game as a service > video game on demand
  • pay to win > pay to win
  • matchmaking > player pairing
  • progamer > professional gamer
  • retrogaming > retrogaming
  • season pass > season pass
  • rigging > skeletonization
  • skin betting > virtual item exchange
  • streamer > live player

Not sure that these Frenchified terms really succeed in imposing themselves against the international habits of French-speaking players. As often, it is the use which will determine whether or not, the latter can claim to make their entry in the dictionary. The full list is available just here.

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