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The Frenchies of Voodoo ready to captivate blockchain video games



Soon the time for play-to-earn games made in France?Hong Kong society Animoca Brands has successfully completed a partial pivot of its activity, moving from mobile game publisher to blockchain game publisher. This early success story potentially inspired the 2 Frenchies at the head of the Voodoo company.

Voodoo: the French unicorn wants to bet on blockchain games

Voodoo is a Paris-based company, founded in 2013 by 2 French people. She specializes in editing mobile games. Last year the company reached the unicorn status, exceeding the billion dollars in terms of valuation.

Voodoo indeed comes to announce she wants to allocate $ 200 million to the development of blockchain-based games in 2022. These funds will be invested in various blockchain game studios, in particular in projects such as play-to-earn. Voodoo has already assured that it collaborates with a dozen external studios and wishes to develop one. around twenty internally during the coming year.

The CEO of Voodoo, Alex yazdi is firmly convinced that blockchain has the potential to revolutionize video games:

“This will allow players to profit from their assets, thus opening a new model of play-to-earn. Our goal is to bring the blockchain paradigm to more casual and mobile users, as well as help any young or up-and-coming studio to be successful in this industry. “

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The growing crypto gaming market

According to a recent Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) report, these are mainly blockchain-type games play-to-earn and those including NFT who have experienced a strong adherence of the public, from July 2021. Indeed, from that date, Google searches with these terms exploded, while the more global search of “Blockchain games” has remained stable.

According to a recent Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) report, it is mainly play-to-earn blockchain games and those including NFTs that have experienced strong public support, as of July 2021.
Appreciation of crypto games according to their type – Source: BGA

In addition, according to data from DappRadar, the number of active portfolios related to blockchain games increased by 6,666% between July 2020 and July 2021. These figures indicate that players have massively adopted the different types of games based on blockchain technology.

Currently, the game that met the biggest success combines both NFTs and a play-to-earn. It is obviously aboutAxis Infinity, which generated more$ 1 billion of NFT sales in less than a year.

Finally, the games play-to-earn bring hope to the citizens of countries severely affected by inflation. At Venezuela, for example, Axie Infinity represents a way to increase his monthly income and to resist the hyperinflation which reigns in the country today.

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