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The future of MMO League of Legends is uncertain, but its development is moving forward



The executive producer of the long-awaited MMO from Riot gives news of its development.

Riot Games continues its journey to become a real bastion of the video game industry. Now undisputed king of the MOBA market with League of Legends and continuing its advance in the world of competitive FPS with Valorantcard games with Legends of Runeterra and a multitude of other projects, the developer has nothing to envy to a giant such as Activision Blizzard.

However, he still lacked a string to his bow: an MMORPG capable of competing with World of Warcraft Where Final Fantasy XIV.

On December 18, 2020, the project of an MMO anchored in the universe of League of LegendsRuneterra, was then officially announced by Greg Streetexecutive producer of the ambitious young project.

A game on the right track, but not guaranteed to see the light of day

Greg Street is a former member of age of empire, World of Warcraft and League of Legendswhich promises real quality work for Riot’s MMO, but above all a certain expertise on the part of the producer regarding its development.

And precisely, Greg Street has just given his news on Twitter and announces that there is for the moment “no guarantee that the game will actually be released.” He also adds that he is nevertheless “positive” that the game will eventually see the light of day, and that if it does, it will be the last major franchise he will have worked on, a “perfect conclusion” to his career according to him.

This statement inevitably worried fans who are waiting for this new MMO with a firm footing, prompting the producer to clarify his statement in response to his tweet to reassure players. No need to worry about the state of development which seems to be going like clockwork, the problem comes rather from the expectations of Riot and the players.

The hype behind this project is such that Riot won’t let a disappointing game see the light of day he explains, and the work provided will have to be perfect for this game to become a reality.

One thing is certain, the universe of League of Legends will continue to expand in different forms, as has been the case recently with the series Arcane on Netflix, or in the future with a future fighting game and an abundance of spin-offs and various other projects.

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