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The game Dead Cells offers an unexpected sequel



Dead Cells has just announced the release of a new game that no one expected, with a new format for the Bordeaux license.

Explore, kill, mute, repeat. Fans of the roguelike Metroidvania Dead Cells have something to be happy about. The world-famous French game will soon be entitled to an unexpected sequel… as a board game. There Kickstarter campaign of the project was announced a few days ago, and will soon be accessible in crowdfunding. For its creators Antoine Bauza, Corentin Lebrat, Ludovic Maublanc, and Théo Rivière, it is a consecration that confirms a little more the success of the video game, initially released in August 2018.

nothing stops Dead Cells

Five years after its release, Dead Cells never stops climbing. Last Monday, the French game unveiled its fourth expansion Return to Castlevania. With its nervous rhythm and its demanding gameplay, the title of the Bordeaux studio Motion Twin continues to exist despite the years, at a time when many would have already moved on. Rewarded the year of its release by the Game Awards for best action game and best independent game, Dead Cells was able to prove to the players that his ambition was for the long term.

With eight million copies sold worldwide, the concept of Dead Cells lives on, and its fourth DLC’s tribute to the franchise castelvania further proves that the video game title still has good years ahead of it. As to whether this fourth addition will be the last, the developers want to be evasive. Questioned by our colleagues from BFM TVBenjamin Laulan assures: “We don’t want to create frustration among players, but we already have ideas for content at least until the end of the year.“.

A board game to complete the lore

With a new board game centered around co-op dungeon crawling, Dead Cells: The rogue-lite board game will be playable solo and up to four, for games of about 45 minutes. In France, the Masked Scorpion will edit the game, after the excellent Decrypto And Turing Machineor Zombie Kidz Flashbackawarded a few weeks ago with the As d’Or 2023 in the children’s category.

For the moment, the game has not yet opened its fundraising campaign. Nearly 10,000 people are however registered on the project page, which bodes well for the future. The graphic universe is perfectly mastered, and it will no doubt be necessary die many times before overcoming the various threats that inhabit the biomes of the game. See you in the spring to discover the details of the title, which should further enrich the experience around the license.

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