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the game has only one active player left



The game resulting from a collaboration between Square Enix and PlatinumGames continues to lose its players and reaches a sad record.

The latest action RPG from PlatinumGamesparent studio of cult licenses such as Bayonettafaces a rather mixed success and sees its number of players weaken day by day.

Babylon’s Fall bears its name well since it continues its phenomenal fall. After receiving far from encouraging reviews when it was released on March 3, the multiplayer action game finally reached the most alarming level last week. Wednesday, May 4, 2022the site SteamCharts specializing in the census of Steam game statistics revealed that Babylon’s Fall had only one active player.

Sad result for this game which was intended as the next evolution of the multiplayer action RPG genre, in which PlatinumGames and Square Enix placed a lot of hopes. In top form, the PC version brought together 1166 players simultaneously, an already timid record. In April, the game already found itself with less than 10 active players at a time, revealing an inevitable decline for the new license. Since the beginning of May, the game has not even managed to exceed 100 active players under the best conditions.

Despite everything, the two studios seem determined to bring back Babylon’s Fall from the dead, and promise content that will delight fans of the genre. Two weeks after its launch, Square Enix was already surveying players to find out what players wanted to discover in the future of the game. Season 2 of the game should arrive soon and the development of season 3 is already well underway according to the sayings from the studio.

On March 18, Platinum Games also added that there is no question of abandoning the game or reducing its ambitions because of its difficult launch:

Is streaming service in danger? No. We do not plan to cut development on Babylon’s Fall. (…) We will continue to bring new content to our game and will make the necessary improvements based on player feedback with the aim of satisfying current players and attracting new ones.

If the game intrigues you but you don’t dare to start given its current state, know thata free demo is available on PS4, PS5 and computer. This is playable in multiplayer and will allow you to transfer your data to the full version if you decide to take the plunge. See you in the coming months to find out if Babylon’s Fall will or will not manage to stand out and charm the players.

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