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The “Joker” in the legend



Author of a mammoth triple-double (40 points, 27 rebounds, 10 assists) during Denver’s victory against Charlotte on Sunday evening, Nikola Jokic has become a legend. Since Wilt Chamberlain in 1968, no player had ever managed to make such a copy.

Double outgoing MVP, Nikola Jokic (27 years old, 2.11m) is one of the huge favorites to succeed himself. While waiting to find out if he will succeed in the pass of three, the Serb inscribed his name in the legend on Sunday evening. During Denver’s victory at home against Charlotte (119-115), the “Joker”, not content with signing his best game of the season, managed a dizzying triple-double, with 40 points, 27 rebounds and 10 assists . We had to go back to 1968 and the performance of a certain Wilt Chamberlain to find traces of a player who finished a game with more than 35 points, more than 25 rebounds and 10 assists. And that’s not all, since Jokic has become the third player in history to return such a copy. In 1961, Elgin Baylor had indeed also managed an equally monstrous triple-double and that no one then before Chamberlain and since the latter had been able to repeat. Three players, Kareem Abudl-Jabar, Oscar Robertson and DeMarcus Cousins, had not gone far from joining the very closed circle.

Jokic: ‘I wish it could be like this every night’

In the end, they did not succeed, unlike Jokic, of whom there are practically no more triple-doubles (he has been at 81 in his career since Sunday evening). Although accustomed to the XXL outings of his pivot, his coach Mike Malone continues to be impressed. “It’s not just Nikola’s stats, it’s his ability to make others better (…) I didn’t know he had 40/27/10 but I knew it was another exceptional performance, and that he had been effective, “admitted Malone afterwards, while the hero of the evening, once again, evoking his 27 rebounds, did not try for a second to pull the cover to him. “To be frank, I think it was thanks to our defense that I found myself in the right place to take them (…) I didn’t try to take them, it’s just like that and I wish that can be like this every night. “If so, Denver, 3rd in the West, should not finish very far from the title.

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