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the kart with augmented reality tumbles in Paris



Mario Kart, but in real life: that’s kind of the best way to describe BattleKart, a new kart experience that opened in Paris.

At the wheel of a very real kart, the BattleKart pilots must not only try to go faster than the other competitors on the circuit, but also swing missiles, shoot machine guns, throw puddles of oil… virtually! This concept, which looks like two drops of water to a real equivalent of Mario Kart, opened in Paris at the Villepinte exhibition center, in hall 1.

Virtual missiles and oil stains

The karts actually roll on a huge cinema screen, on which different circuits are projected and which can also display animations: for example, an oil stain behind the vehicle or even the bullets of the machine gun spinning straight ahead. All elements and virtual objects interact with the karts: when you hit a missile, the kart suddenly stops. As for the bonuses, they are activated as soon as you pass over special boxes.

Drivers will therefore not only have to drive for victory, but also avoid obstacles thrown by other drivers and going off the track: even if the circuit is virtual, driving off the road will have the effect of braking the vehicle… Each kart is equipped with a screen that displays the available bonuses.

BattleKart offers several game modes: a “classic” race, coloring squares, a football game in which you have to send a virtual ball into the opposing team’s cages, a Snake clone, or even a battle against a missile virus.

The concept of BattleKart was born in 2015 in Belgium, where there are now five complexes. It has since expanded to Germany (two complexes), and now to France with a presence in Nantes, Tours, Nantes and Metz, and therefore Paris. The Parisian complex has a 2,000 square meter track, on which up to twelve drivers can play.

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