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The “King” wants his franchise



As the end of his career nears, LeBron James has spoken of the possibility of owning an NBA franchise and has a very firm idea about the city where he would install it.

LeBron James does not see his future away from the NBA. As he prepares to begin his 20th season in the North American championship under the colors of the Los Angeles Lakers and under the orders of Darvin Ham, the “King” did not evade the question of post-career during an episode of his talk show called “The Shop”. Becoming the first active player to become a billionaire, LeBron James is ready to invest in the NBA once he hangs up. ” I want to own a teamhe said on this occasion. I want to buy a team, that’s for sure. “If this project were to be carried out, the “King” has already mentioned the potential location of his team, in a city that does not yet have an NBA franchise. ” I want a team in Vegas “, said the 37-year-old player when discussing this subject.

James will probably have to buy a franchise

An ambition that is in line with the noises of corridors concerning a possible expansion of the NBA beyond the number of 30 frozen since 2004 and the creation of the Charlotte Bobcats, renamed Charlotte Hornets in 2014. Indeed, in addition to Las Vegas, the return of a franchise to Seattle is discussed as the SuperSonics left the city in 2008 to settle in Oklahoma City under the name Thunder. However, such a project could be hampered by the NBA’s desire not to carry out a new expansion to reach 31 or 32 teams.. And this despite the project for a room adjoining the Allegiant Stadium, the stadium which hosts the Las Vegas Raiders in the NFL mentioned on the Nevada side. As for the financing of such a project, LeBron James will have the opportunity to rely on the Fenway Sports Groupowner of the Boston Red Sox in baseball, the Pittsburgh Penguins in the NHL but also the Liverpol club, for which the “King” is associated.

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