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The Mazda CX-50 confirms the repositioning of the brand towards luxury



We’ve known for some time now that Mazda is slowly transitioning its lineup to more luxurious segments. The gentrification of the Mazda3 is the most concrete example of this, but also the promise of the arrival of models based on a rear-wheel-drive chassis, for refinement. The CX-50, unveiled last November, presented a price range last week that is directly in line with this strategy.

The compact SUV, which began production in January at a new US plant in Huntsville shared with Toyota, will have a starting price of $37,900. That’s over $7000 more than a CX-5. If you want the turbocharged engine, a 2.5L turbo four-cylinder that bumps power up from 187 hp to 227 hp, the bill goes up a substantial $45,350. This puts it in direct competition with entry-level models from luxury brands.

To justify these prices, Mazda is trying to enter the wave of these SUVs whose presentation suggests greater off-road skills. Apart from the use of standard all-wheel drive and driving modes focused on driving on slightly less marked trails, this newcomer will essentially be more at ease on asphalt. Its positioning will focus mainly on refinement with a little more ease on an unpaved road than the Japanese brand’s other SUVs.

The CX-50 will be marketed in Canada next May.

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