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The MMORPG Horizon is official and reveals an ambitious project



The world of Aloy will soon have no limits with the development of a massively multiplayer adventure that promises to be grandiose.

Decidedly, Guerrilla Games has found its goose that lays the golden egg. In 2017, the studio surprised gamers with Horizon: Zero Dawn. This universe quickly expanded through a DLC and a sequel released on PS4 and PS5 last February. Now that the success of this new franchise is well established, it continues to grow with the development of new titles. For now, players are patiently waiting for the expansion to arrive. Burning Shores for Horizon: Forbidden Westas well as the PSVR2 spin-off Call of the Mountain. The Guerrilla teams are therefore very busy but do not intend to stop there.

If exploring the vast expanses ofHorizon in multiplayer makes you dream, here is a wish that the studio is about to grant. The news came via a simple tweet announcing new job openings. This kind of revelation is quite common in the video game industry. A few weeks ago, Riot Games revealed the console versions of VALORANT in the same way. But in the case ofHorizon, rumors about many projects fuse in recent weeks, so it is difficult to navigate. What kind of online game is it?

Meuporg or not meuporg?

The meuporgs being the barbaric name which designates online role-playing games” explained Nathanaël de Rincquesen to us on Télématin in 2010. Almost 13 years later, these MMORPGs are always more ambitious, so much so that even cult franchises are getting started. At the moment, PlayStation Studios licenses are surfing this wave. After the announcement of a massively multiplayer game anchored in the universe of The Last of Usit’s the turn ofHorizon to be featured.

These vast universes with a strong story have something to lend themselves to the genre. But precisely, what kind of online game is it? Last November, the rumor of a “classic” MMO developed with the Korean studio NCSoft that we know for the series of Guild Wars surfaced.

Yet Guerrilla’s recruiting call makes absolutely no reference to this partnership, but here’s what we already know. Solo players can be reassured: the studio continues to work on these projects (the Zero Dawn remaster may be on the way?). However, a new team formed in the Amsterdam studios will be tasked with developing “a full-fledged online project based in the Horizon universe.”

Featuring a new cast of characters and a unique, stylized graphic style, friends can explore the majestic wilderness together.

The studio offers us the bare minimum of details, but it is already certain that this title will not resemble the games that we already know. This project therefore seems to tend towards a game in the classic MMO format with a different style rather than a simple Horizon multiplayer. This kind of game requires many years of development: patience is therefore required before learning more.

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