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The MMORPG Marvel reveals itself following its cancellation



Barely canceled, the first images of what should have been the new Marvel MMO have been published by one of the artists of the game.

Last week, we learned that the online role-playing game based on the Marvel comics universe was canceled in full development. Yet led by big names accustomed to superhero MMOs, the Daybreak Games studio made the decision to end the project prematurely due to lack of budget and ambitions.

It will then be impossible to live an Avengers life in a massively multiplayer world, but it is not impossible to know what it could have been like. In effect, Ramiro Galanan artist who worked on the project just posted a whole bunch of screenshots revealing the character creation menu on his portfolio ArtStation.

Marvel into the MMOverse

At a glance, it is possible to feel the inspiration coming from the animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, and the artist does not hide it. He writes in description of these images: “Emphasis has been placed on rich, vibrant colors and styling that pays homage to Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse.

We then discover a graphic style with a very particular visual identity, far from the realistic games that Marvel has been used to publishing in recent years. The creation menu shows all its variety, ranging from the appearance of the character to the selection of his powers or even his faction. It would then have been possible to join the X-Men, the Avengers, SHIELD and even the Fantastic 4. You have to imagine that the faction had to have an impact on the character’s abilities and the choice of powers that would have played the equivalent of the classes for a classic MMO.

The dialogues appearing on the screen and some of the interfaces suggest that we are going to take on the role of comic book writers. Thus, we would have given birth to a new hero that we would then embody in the Marvel universe. The main character on the screen exclaims in particular: “Okay okay sir writer, it’s a bit dramatic isn’t it? Finally I have the impression…” while we are choosing his superpowers. At the end of the creation process, a character sheet appears like a comic book cover with our new hero, his faction and his volume number. It’s easy to imagine that this number would probably refer to our character’s level.

Image of canceled Marvel MMO character creation menu
© Ramiro Galan via ArtStation

Discovering these promising images after the cancellation of the project leaves a bitter taste in the mouth as hopes for a Marvel multiplayer game with unique gameplay and graphic style are dashed. It is still possible to console yourself with the new Marvel card game by the father of Hearthstone.

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