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The most cult PC game finally arrives on smartphones in a modern version



The classic point ‘n click got a facelift recently and can now be slipped into your pocket to take anywhere.

There are video games that never leave our hearts, and Myst is definitely part of it. Thirty years after its original release (and yes, already), the title continues to return periodically in new versions, ports and even spin-offs. Last year, players could rediscover Myst in the form of a VR mini-golf course to explore the mysteries of the island while doing an all-in-one, birdies or bogeys here and there.

Even a year earlier in 2021, the cult game got a major remake by the independent studio Cyan Worlds. This version released initially on PC and console offered a completely revisited experience while remaining faithful to the original. Proud of its success, the studio is repeating the experience by offering a mobile port of its Myst modern.

A new version

Point ‘n click aficionados may have played it on smartphones before, but it’s not the same game. Cyan Worlds is already behind many mobile applications adapting the original version. Myst for Mobile now renamed Myst (Legacy) offers the original retro experience while realMyst already offered the possibility of moving freely on the island and not by interposed tables.

From now on, Myst-Mobile stands out as the best of both worlds. The particular charm is preserved and even improved by stunning visuals. This new episode is currently only intended for Apple devices in order to take advantage of visual optimizations thanks to Apple chips. The first images shared on Twitter alongside the announcement show the island at its best.

It will be possible to play with touch controls, or with a controller and even the keyboard / mouse combo for iPads. Start the exploration will be completely free in order to be able to test this version. You will have to pay $15 to access the full game, an almost ridiculous sum for this timeless adventure. The release date is still being kept secret but should be soon as journalists and content creators are already starting the first tests.

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