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the new character and the first season are delayed



While the first season of the smash-like signed Warner was to start on August 9, we will have to wait a little longer.

Warner Bros and Player First Games make a sensational entry into the platform fighter market with MultiVersus. This title with a five-star cast offers clashes between icons of pop culture. The characters of Game Of Thrones, Steven Universe, Looney Tunes, and even DC heroes are joining the battle to save the multiverse. However, as young Morty was about to make his entrance, the title’s season 1 arrival suddenly finds itself delayed.

MultiVersus has been available in open beta since July 26 after having already undertaken a closed beta period and an early access of a few days. The title is starting to be run in and was already due to launch its first season on August 9. Unfortunately, the new content is postponed to a later date still unknown and it will therefore be necessary to be patient.

A delay that worries the players

Barely released, the title has already managed to convince many players. Indeed, it would have already exceeded the milestone of 5 million players according to rankings of players approaching this value. This new license charms its users thanks to a well-thought-out economic system and a thundering roster, but the first disappointment has just fallen.

Through the official account of MultiVersus, the development teams informed the community about the postponement of new content. Although the release of this one was imminent, the teams obviously had no other choice but to allow themselves more time to refine everything. In a way, this proves the studio’s interest in wanting to offer quality content that honors their work and the borrowed licenses, but this decision is no less worrying. More worried than frustrated, some players are wondering if this delay is not due to recent concerns from Warner and the various cancellations of multiple projects. In order to calm the crowds, the person in charge of MultiVersus communicated on his personal Twitter account to inform that “the Discovery/Warner Bros. merger. has no impact on the title.

The disappointment is palpable within the community, but the studio’s wise decision will allow the title to keep its quality image. As a consolation prize, players will be able to take advantage of the pre-season battle pass until August 15 instead of August 8.. Rick and Morty should soon return from their galactic adventures to join the battlefield of MultiVersus.

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