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the new character is finally revealed after 2 years without news



The sequel to Blizzard’s team FPS has been long overdue, and as the beta is finally approaching, the game’s new heroine has the right to her trailer.

For two years, almost complete radio silence for Overwatch as his latest character, Echo, released in April 2020 and gave way to the development ofOverwatch 2 so teams can focus on the future of the shooter.

Announced as the first character of this sequel a while ago, sojourn sees its story finally revealed in a trailer as the beta ofOverwatch 2 which will begin on April 26 and will embody this new agent.

O Canada

The trailer reveals that Sojourn is a Canadian agent by the name of Vivian Chase. She was recruited by jack morisson (otherwise known as Private: 76) in person as they fought together on Canadian territory during the Omnic War.

The first character to come straight from the country of maple syrup, Sojourn seems to have been augmented by cybernetic means since his time at from Overwatch, which promises interesting abilities to exploit on the battlefield.

The heroine’s gameplay has not yet been officially revealed, despite a blunder from the Taiwanese YouTube channel from Overwatch who released the second trailer too early before deleting it.

What to expect from the Overwatch 2 beta?

© Blizzard

From April 26, selected players will have the opportunity to test the main novelties that will be brought Overwatch 2 in terms of PvP. No question here to try the famous new story mode in PvE that the game reserves for later.

Key Gameplay Changes: the transition from 6v6 to 5v5 matchesthe new mode Pushand not less than four redesigns gameplay for Orisa, Doomfist, Bastion and Sombra.

The old cards will be there, but four new ones will also be available in this beta, two of which implement Push mode. It remains to be seen in a few weeks if Blizzard will be able to modernize the recipe. Overwatch and to revive his game from its ashes after two years of decline.

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