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the new opus is revealed and its content is already leaking



On the occasion of the last State of Play, Capcom reveals the future of its cult fighting game which will reinvent its classic recipe.

street fighter will enter the ring in 2023 with a new opus loaded with novelties of all kinds. Carried by a beautiful trailer, street fighter 6 reserves its share of surprises that promise to reinvent a license that was based on its achievements.

The fashion of open world comes knocking on the door of fighting games, and street fighter will be embellished with a story mode with an original structure to say the least. Exit the usual arcade mode and hello “World Tour”, an open exploration experience proposing to discover Metro City, a modern city that is reminiscent of New York.

The game will also feature a Battle Hub to bring your online world to life. We can then find other players there and rest while waiting for the next matches against players from all over the world. More than a new direction, the saga seems to take on a whole new dimension with this innovative new title. After all, the license celebrates its 35th anniversary this year, the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a well-deserved facelift. The game will also be powered by the impressive RE:Engine engine developed by Capcom for its games. resident Evil.

Barely announced already leaked

While the game has only just revealed some of its content after a rather light first teaser last February, his character cast leaked on the networks. Shared on 4chan, Twitter and other platforms, an image appears to reveal the full roster of Capcom’s upcoming game. Bringing together artwork of the different characters in the game, the graphic style of this image respects that of the characters discovered in last night’s fresh trailer and gives strong credibility to this unexpected leak. Beware of the spoiler if you want to keep the surprise.

Leaked Street Fighter VI Character Cast
© Capcom

This list, which could turn out to be the game’s launch cast, includes heads from many opuses in the series, as well as new heads that we can’t wait to discover in game. The characters wear modern looks in perfect harmony with the new art direction of the game titled “Back to the Streets” which highlights streetwear outfits.

The kick off will be given in 2023 on PlayStation, Xbox and PC consoles.

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