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the new platformer from a former Pokemon



James Turner founds his own studio and unveils his first title, an adorable multi-dimensional platform and adventure game.

A real visual slap, The Plucky Squire comes in force to score the launch of the All Possible Futures studio. This industry newcomer was founded by James Turner, a name that should ring a bell if you’re familiar with the Pokémon license. The young British artist worked for a long time for Gamefreak, the studio behind the phenomenon Pokemon.

Turner was even the first Western employee of the studio to have the honor of designing small creatures for the cult franchise with Pokemon Black and White Version in 2010. Since then, Turner has even become the artistic director of the saga with the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield in 2019. While the versions Scarlet and Purple are due to arrive on Nintendo Switch at the end of the year, the artist leaves the Pokémon ship for new horizons.

From paper to 3D

The Plucky Squire, it’s the story of a brave squire from a children’s book setting off on a great adventure. The picture book with colorful and adorable drawings is signed James Turner where we find his very particular style (which can be found in particular in his regular drawings on his Twitter account).

All this little paper universe comes to life before our amazed eyes when we have the right to gameplay that is reminiscent of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Exploration in view from below or in sidescroller are on the agenda, but the Plucky Squire book has some magical surprises in store for us… Indeed, our little character is able to get out of his book to go and venture into the bedroom surrounding child. The game then takes on an appearance that is reminiscent of the game of the year 2021 It Takes Two. The real world takes on the appearance of a fantasy world where it is possible to interact with everything around us.

No release date has been revealed, but the first game from All Possible Futures studio will arrive in 2023 on PC, Xbox Series, PS5 and Switch to amaze us.

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