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The new Razer soundbar turns your office into a home theater



Razer has introduced its all-new Leviathan V2, a soundbar designed for gamers looking to change the auditory landscape.

While Razer is best known for its excellent PCs and gaming peripherals, the brand is venturing more and more regularly away from its favorite territory. In addition to its traditional keyboards, mice and headsets, the manufacturer recently unveiled its very first range of internal components; it now continues to develop its segment that could be described as “lifestyle” with an update of its very good Leviathan soundbar.

The original version was a small Dolby 5.1 soundbar equipped with two standard wideband drivers, two high frequency drivers (“tweeters”) and a subwoofer. This new version, better finished and much more elegant, retains its two broadband drivers, its two tweeters, its subwoofer, but gains two passive radiators along the way.

Inevitably, wireless standards have also been brought up to date. As expected, this Leviathan V2 inherits Bluetooth 5.2. The list of features also promises to be expanded with the arrival of the THX Spatial Audio standard and 7.1 channels. The effect “home cinema” should therefore be there despite the small size of the machine (500 x 91.3 x 84mm); this Leviathan V2 should fit easily under most screens.

© Razer

Performs as well in game as in front of a movie

These are also particularly interesting changes for gamers who make up the majority of Razer’s audience. According to the brand, this should make it possible to spatialize the sound of the game almost as well as a standard headset, and by extension to keep control of your game just by ear.

However, this information should be taken with a grain of salt for now. Indeed, the technical sheet mentions 60ms of latency, which seems surprisingly high and hardly compatible with the practice of a competitive game.

On paper, it is still an excellent alternative for those who can’t bear to wear headphones, who have never found a model likely to suit them, or who absolutely have to keep their ears free, for example to watch a child.

But this soundbar could also find its audience among licensed binge-watchers. Indeed, more and more users tend to consume all of their films, series, anime and other works exclusively in front of their computer; but the audio side is often stored in the background, behind devices considered more important like the screen.

No doubt, we are at Razer. © Razer

An assumed gaming identity

This Leviathan V2 could therefore be the opportunity that some gamers have been waiting for to finally offer a sound worthy of its name to their poor esgourdes. In any case, we can already affirm that it will not decide on the desk of a first category geek; while remaining relatively sober, this soundbar clearly claims its gaming identity, in particular thanks to the RGB LEDs whose kraken brand would not happen for anything in the world.

However, we will have to deal with a slight price increase; this V2 model is sold at €249.99. You can treat yourself to it directly on the Razer site at this address Or on Amazon via the link below.

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