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the new spin-off has leaked!



The new project signed Riot Games should lift the veil on a very popular character among MOBA players.

After perilous adventures near Bilgewater in Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, the world of Runeterra will continue to reveal its mysteries in new spin-offs. This year, Song of Nunu (an adventure game) and CONV/RGENCE (a platform game) are both set to make their way to consoles and PC. But now an episode still kept secret has just undergone a massive sequel caused by the Korean committee in charge of rating video games.

This blunder unearthed by Gematsu has already been fixed, confirming the massive error in stride. It is here a question of a certain Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story. This title, which should not take long to be officially announced, is described as an action game for PC. Nothing invalidates the possibility of ports, like the previous game available on many platforms. It’s a safe bet that only the PC version file has unfortunately been published for everyone to see.

Even with so little information, some knowledge of the MOBA universe can outline a possible scenario. If we are to believe the leaked sheet and the backstory of a very popular character, this adventure should follow his story more closely.

The most dangerous of mages

After a turn-based RPG, it’s time for an action-packed game. Who better to headline than one of the most frantic champions of League of Legends ? Everything leads to believe that this spin-off will follow in the footsteps of Sylasthe mage who has enraged more than one MOBA player on the midlane.

The synopsis for the game, since deleted, describes a title following the champion in his attempt to save the nation of Demacia. Obviously, this new episode also promises some great action scenes through repeated fights. Also, the official information about Sylas offers some essential information.

In character biographyit is indicated there that when his parents “discovered that their son was affected by magic, they managed to convince him to give himself up to the kingdom’s mage hunters.“. In the English version of this description, reference is made to “mageseekers”: the title of the new spin-off.

Riot has great plans for its flagship universe. As a reminder, the studio is working hard on an MMORPG anchored in this vast universe which could well compete with World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV.

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