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the new update tightens the screw on the language of the players



Nintendo is deploying an update on its console which prohibits the use of certain very specific words.

Nintendo has just rolled out a new update to its Nintendo Switch consoles. This brings slight changes to the performance of the console, but also in the management of the user experience. To use Nintendo’s exact words, it brings “general improvements to system stability to improve user experience”. In theory, nothing major in sight.

Still, the dataminer calling itself OatmealDome has found something very interesting about this update. After having searched the files of version 14.1.1, the Internet user would have found prohibition mentions there concerning certain very precise domains of language. Players can no longer use words of a sexual nature such as “sendnudes” (literally a request for your interlocutor to send you nude photos) or even certain Japanese characters related to the domain of death.

The dataminer, however, could not determine in which context these prohibitions apply. Knowing that the Nintendo Switch does not have a messaging system, the only place where these words can appear therefore remain the web browser and the name of the users. This last sector is indeed concerned, but as for internet searches, we do not know if this blocks access to certain sites related to sex or death.

However, he also found that the web browser has also undergone some changes in its files, the nature of which we do not know, but which certainly does not rule out the assumptions made above.

Child safety at the heart of the process?

This information is not so surprising when you consider the slightly puritanical position of Nintendo towards these taboo subjects. The Japanese firm makes it a point of honor to respect the mores of its native country… which is on the whole an excellent thing. Indeed, all the rules on Nintendo Switch allow at least the youngest to enjoy a healthy and safe gaming environment.

In 2022, it is a real luxury that the vast majority of video game platforms can no longer afford. Some of them even have legal problems directly related to child safety, such as Roblox for example. For the moment, Nintendo has not expressed its intentions with this intriguing update and it is therefore not clear what its applications will be.

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