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“The next step is 40 years”



Now 35, Stephen Curry is not thinking about retirement yet. On the contrary, in search of titles, the leader of the Golden State Warriors imagines himself to continue for several years.

But where will Stephen Curry stop? If some thought that the Warriors dynasty was over after winning three titles (in 2015, 2017 and 2018), Golden State proved the opposite by winning another title last year. With now four championship rings, the American leader does not yet seem satisfied. On the contrary, when he has just turned 35, the record holder for the number of three-point shots scored in NBA history wants to be very ambitious for the rest of his career, he who will be 38 at the end of his contract with the San Francisco-based franchise.

“What I feel today is not what I imagined I would feel at 35. This number seems crazy, but in my head, I feel like I have a lot left to do, in particular declared the person concerned, who celebrated his birthday on March 14. (…) 35 years old is a big step, but the next one is 40 years old. Seen how I feel, who knows? »

Curry wants to perfect his collection of rings

“It would matter more than anything (to win another title), because at one point, before last season, we thought we were finished. (…) We obviously become aware that each new title won places you at another level of legends, among those who have won the most at the highest level. Obviously, no one will be able to catch Bill Russell (11). But Jordan won six, Kobe (Bryant) five, Tim Duncan’s Spurs… So it’s all about the inherent legacy that we continue to create, even though we’ve done a lot already and that’s why we continue to work tirelessly to make this a reality again”, Curry later explained in an interview with American media Andscape. While the Warriors should normally qualify for the playoffs this season, the road to the Larry O’Brien trophy will once again be strewn with pitfalls.

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