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The Nintendo Switch becomes the third best-selling console



The hybrid console of the firm of Kyoto marks the history by reaching the third step of the podium of the best sales of consoles.

Once again, Nintendo proves its grip on the video game industry by raising its youngest to the list of best-selling consoles. The Switch is a winning recipe that finally manages to overtake the PlayStation 4. The Sony console has sold more than 117.2 million copies over its 10 years on the market. Never mind, the hybrid of the Kyoto firm has established itself in even more homes. Thanks to its three models (classic, lite, and OLED) suitable for the needs and desires of different types of gamers, the Nintendo Switch has now sold 122.55 million copies.

So, in addition to knocking the PS4 down, Nintendo has just broken one of its own records. The Gameboy, the Gameboy Color and their 118.69 million sales are finally dethroned by the last generation. Now that the Switch is on the third step of this beautiful podium, only the Nintendo DS (154.02 million copies) and PlayStation 2 (155 million copies) remain which proudly dominate the ranking. Could the little hybrid continue to climb the ladder? According to the latest financial results of the Kyoto firmthis perspective seems very difficult.

A gradual loss of interest

Over the last nine-month financial period ending on December 31, 2022, the console displays discount sales. If the situation is not alarming either, the contrast in just a few months is surprising. If the console reached 18.95 million units sold over the previous period, it now reaches 14.91 million, a difference of 3 million. This loss translated into a 5.6% drop in revenue for Nintendo.

Despite the dazzling performance of Pokémon Purple and Scarlet (20.6 million copies), the trend remains negative for both console sales and game sales (down 4% still according to the results). Six years after its initial release, the Nintendo Switch is starting to feel the weight of years. The technical capabilities of the console are beginning to show their limits, and the financial results are also struggling to keep up.

It is high time for the Kyoto firm to update its console. Although the OLED screen has improved gaming comfort in handheld mode, a little performance boost wouldn’t hurt. A Nintendo Direct will be broadcast this Wednesday, February 8 at 11 p.m. (French time). Since the Zelda franchise usually marks the arrival of a new generation and the next episode is imminent, is the Switch 2.0 about to make its debut?

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