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The Nintendo Switch does better than the PS4 in the United States



It would seem that in terms of units sold, the Nintendo Switch has just overtaken the PlayStation 4.

On the console market, the competition is fierce and often does not leave room for compassion. As the 2021/2022 fiscal year has just ended, and Sony and Nintendo have taken stock of their previous and upcoming goals, new records continue to fall. Thus, Nintendo has just beaten Sony in the race for the greatest number of consoles sold.

This doesn’t affect all consoles, obviously, but only some of the newer ones. Sales in terms of units of the Nintendo Switch have indeed just exceeded those of the PS4 across the Atlantic. Nintendo’s hybrid machine, on the market since 2017, therefore ranks fourth among the best-selling consoles in the United States behind the PS2, Xbox 360 and Wii.

Nintendo fights its way to the top

Please note that these results are country specific, and do not reflect actual global sales of these consoles. It was also recently established that the Nintendo Switch has far surpassed the Wii in terms of units sold worldwide and throughout its lifespan. But it is however an important step for Nintendo, which should still count on a few years of existence of its Switch to move up the ranking places in the United States.

If we take into account the financial aspect, it is once again Sony who leads the dance in April thanks to its PS5. According to the NPD, which provides us with these statistics, the Japanese firm experienced a nice increase in stock this month, which largely helped it to replenish the coffers, although it was sold at a loss.

In second place, Microsoft received the most money in April thanks to its Xbox Series, followed closely by Nintendo and its Switch. A ranking to which we are beginning to be accustomed, and which we will continue to see for many more months, at least until the shortage of components becomes more discreet and its absence reshuffles the cards between the three manufacturers. .

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