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The Nintendo Switch Pro did exist, but will never come out!



The future of the Nintendo Switch is not necessarily the one we believe according to the specialists at Digital Foundry.

Will the Nintendo teams abandon the Nintendo Switch in favor of a new console? Long speculated by many analysts and insiders, the Nintendo Switch Pro is a dream that could have come true but will never see the light of day. At least that’s what the specialists at Digital Foundry suggest in their latest video. The YouTube channel specializing in game testing, hardware and framerate comparison has often spoken about the famous Nintendo Switch Pro.

This model should have brought more power to the small hybrid from the Kyoto firm, while providing compatibility with 4K televisions. After all, the manufacturer is used to improving its consoles along the way. We can notably cite the Gameboy Color, the Gameboy Advance SP, the Nintendo DSi or the New 3DS. However, the Switch will only have had the right to a simple improvement of its screen. According to John Lineman of Digital Foundry, the Switch Pro is no more.

A winning recipe but not renewed?

John Lineman is careful not to reveal his sources, but firmly confirms that the Switch Pro almost existed. This should have established itself as an ideal model for the middle of the console’s life cycle. The console’s consistent sales performance must have deterred Nintendo from investing in such a model. The New Nintendo 3DS had never been able to impose itself as a really necessary alternative to the basic console, not surprising that the manufacturer did not want to reproduce this error.

But then, what does Nintendo plan for its future? The hybrid console that we know will soon begin its sixth year of life. In console age, we all know very well what that means: the reign of the Switch is coming to an end. Faced with the success of this console and its ability to offer a strong experience both in the living room and on the go, it is difficult to imagine the next generation in another form.

The Kyoto firm is known for its innovations in gaming with each new platform. The touch screen of the DS, the motion control of the Wii, 3D without glasses, and now a powerful console to take everywhere: what could be the next novelty? The Switch is so popular that there are now alternatives for PC gamers such as the Steam Deck.

It’s not impossible to imagine a Switch 2 or even a console with a new name, but offering a similar and backward compatible experience. Nintendo is on the right track and it would be a shame to lose the charm of the Switch. Case to follow.

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