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the players desert and the descent into hell continues



If some expected Battlefield 2042 to turn the corner after its catastrophic start, the opposite happened.

With Elden Ring, its game already hailed almost unanimously as one of the best of all time, From Software has also achieved a more discreet, but equally impressive feat; it almost managed to make people forget about the disaster of Battlefield 2042, EA’s announced blockbuster that will go down in history as a resounding disaster. But the descent into hell is not over for all that; the game fell even lower than thought possible, to the point of being completely deserted by players.

In any case, this is the conclusion that comes to mind when you take a look at the game’s statistics on SteamDB. It is a site that lists various data on the titles of the platform; one can for example find there the number of players simultaneously over a given period. Knowing the status of Steam in the video game ecosystem, these figures are generally quite representative of the overall state of a game, all platforms combined.

And the statistics leave no room for interpretation. Recently, the game fell below 1,000 concurrent Steam players for the first time. This means that globally, less than a thousand players were competing on a title that should have gathered at least tens, if not hundreds of thousands just because of the franchise’s pedigree. .

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The blockbuster of shame

It’s quite simple; since the peak of 105,397 players observed five months ago, the fall continues inexorably. The bugs are still legion, the shooting sensations are still off the mark, the large-scale gameplay remains calamitous, and the missing features still haven’t returned. All in all, there’s not much that’s likely to hold players back, and it shows in the numbers.

By way of comparison, over the whole of last week, the number of simultaneous players on Elden Ring has not once fallen below the bar of… 153,000 players, or 50% more than the absolute record of 2042.

Battlefield 2042 test: the future is not yet for now

So far, EA and Dice have continued to firmly support that they do not intend to abandon the game. Several tracks have been mentioned, such as the possibility of switching the title to a free to play model (see our article). But as it stands, we wonder what magic trick could still save 2042.

What seems clear, however, is that the game has no simply no future as things stand. And this while he was presented as the Franchise Renewal Custodian. It is likely to continue to sink into the quagmire it has dug itself, and this to general indifference…and for the future of the franchise, maybe it’s better that it falls into oblivion.

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