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The Porsche 911 dethroned by the Civic



What we look at on the web reveals many things about our lives, our concerns, our aspirations. On Google, the three most frequent searches by Quebecers this year were Wordle, Ukraine and World Cup. Draw your own conclusions. On the car side, the Honda Civic dethroned the Porsche 911 from the top spot.

The cost of living in general, of gasoline and cars in particular, has obviously had an effect on searches for vehicles on the AutoHebdo platform.

“We are not talking about the best-selling models, these are the most sought-after. But that says a lot about what turns us on, explains spokesperson Benoit Béland. What we can say is that there is a return to more economical cars and the Civic is the most spectacular example. »

For Canada as a whole, the Honda Civic jumped from sixth to second place, with first still occupied – unsurprisingly – by the Ford F-150.

Another sign of the times, the Toyota Corolla has climbed eight places in the rankings (from 23e at the 15e square). The popularity of the Toyota Corolla is even more marked in Quebec and in the Atlantic provinces, where this model has risen among the 10 most sought-after vehicles. Internet users were also considerably more numerous to look at the Mazda3.

This is not insignificant, because changes in ranking positions are “rarely” observed.

Last year, we were visibly in a completely different state of mind. In a parenthesis influenced by difficult months of pandemic. We needed to dream, I imagine. What ended up in first position on the charts? A luxury car, and not the least, the Porsche 911, even if ordinary mortals cannot afford to put this type of car in their driveway. It costs nothing to watch…

To reach the top of the classification, the Porsche 911 had jumped seven positions at once. And dethroned the Honda Civic, which had held that position for four years. The parenthesis filled with daydreams now seems closed. It’s back to normal. “We looked more realistic than last year,” agrees Benoit Béland.


Benoit Béland, spokesperson for AutoHebdo

The price of gasoline, which reached $2 a liter in the spring, also seems to have an effect on the popularity of electric vehicles. Searches for this category jumped 148%, an all-time high. Last year, the increase in searches was half that, at 71%, which was already a lot.

A study conducted in March had also revealed that the price of gasoline was the main motivation for 66% of people intending to buy an electric vehicle. The environment and the little maintenance required came next.

The shortage of vehicles, whether new or used, obviously continued to have an impact on the market and on the AutoHebdo website. Especially by driving up prices.

On average, new models were listed at $52,898 in Quebec (October data, the latest available), a 20% increase in one year.

At the same time, the price of used vehicles was $34,159, a dramatic jump of 26%.

The good news, for those who stretch the life of their vehicle while waiting for a better time to replace it, is that on occasion “prices have been dropping every month since June,” says Benoit Béland. We finally see the end of the tunnel.

That said, as stocks remain rather low and demand is strong, we still can’t be too careful about the brand, model, color and options. Because the vehicles leave quickly. On the new side, they stay an average of 49 days on the AutoHebdo site, rather than 86 like last year.

In such an atypical market, it can also be tempting not to be too careful when signing the contract with a dealer. Especially when you’ve been waiting for this moment for months and months.

But beware of illegal fees of all kinds for documentation, administration, opening of the file or inspection. Class action suits have been filed against dozens of dealers. You can’t be forced to buy anything else to make the sale, whether it’s tire insurance, paint protection film or wheel locks.

An informed motorist is worth two!

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