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the price of games will officially increase



Microsoft officially warns of price increases for its first-party games. Soon the turn of the consoles?

Microsoft couldn’t hold out any longer, and will have to start taking steps to counter inflation, or at least cushion the fall as much as possible. After Sony and the rise in the price of its PS5, it is the turn of its great rival to give in with an even more important decision for the players. It is not the Xbox Series X / S that are affected, but the games themselves.

In a press release, Microsoft announces that video games will see their prices increase by $10 on the invoice, increasing them from €69.99 to €79.99 in France as well. This measure will be effective next month, from 2023 and for all the firm’s first-party games. This therefore does not concern third-party games, but only those from Xbox Games Studios… which are beginning to be numerous in view of recent takeovers.

Still available in Game Pass

Starfield, Redfall or Forza are licenses concerned, but also Diablo, Warcraft and Crash Bandicoot if the acquisition of Activision Blizzard were to be finalized. In its message, the company claims to have made this choice reluctantly, but does not say more about what awaits players after this. It should be noted all the same that the price of Xbox games aligns with that already practiced by Sony and other third-party publishers for new generation consoles.

We’ve delayed price increases until after the holidays so families can enjoy the gift of gaming. , will be launched at 69.99 US dollars (79€ in France editor’s note) on all platforms. This price reflects the content, breadth and technical complexity of these titles. Like all games developed by our teams on Xbox, they will also be available with Game Pass on the day of their launch.

Will the price of the Xbox Series go up?

A few months ago, just after Sony’s announcement for its PS5, Microsoft reassured its players by saying that the price of its next-generation consoles would remain the same… at least until the end of the year holidays. But the holidays are now, and players still don’t know what the future holds. This announcement is in any case not the harbinger of good news concerning the Xbox Series X / S, which are also likely to see their prices increase.

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